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What is TIO Markets ?

TIO UK is a Forex and CFDs broker, based and regulated in the UK. They offer over 100 trading instruments with the possibility to choose between various accounts on the MetaTrader5 and MetaTrader4 platforms.

TIO Markets is one of the few brokers regulated with the FCA license, This is of utmost importance. Because the security of your funds can only be guaranteed by brokers, regulated by an official financial control body such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

FCA-regulated brokers are required to maintain a minimum working capital of at least EUR 730,000 at all times, to keep all clients' money in a separate and protected account, in a trust account, to report newspapers, to allow FCA audits and Participate in a customer compensation plan that basically secures your trading account of up to GBP 50,000.

Economic growth

Financial markets move the sum of 300 billion dollars every day, many people are currently investing in this type of markets for profit.

Global intervention

You can operate in financial markets from anywhere in the world, always taking into account that It is an investment and risk business, in the same way respecting the time zone changes (opening and closing of the day).

Unlimited earnings

When you go to work operating in financial markets you have everything to gain and nothing to lose, Profits have no limits! Minimun deposit $100

What does TIO Markets offer us?

Attractive spreads As tested with a demo account, TIO UK's EURUSD benchmark spread floated around 1 pip, which is what traders would normally expect with a standard account. TIO Markets is the broker with the lowest trading and withdrawal fees on the market.

45 currency pairs and some crypto CFDs TIO UK's trading instrument list is also good. We have 45 currency pairs, many of them exotic such as USD / NOK, USD / SEK, USD / ZAR, USD / HKD, USD / SGD, USD / MXN, USD / TRY, USD / HUF, USD / PLN and USD / CNH .

There are also plenty of CFDs on oil, silver and gold, various indices, stocks, and even crypto currencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Dash. However, if you like the idea of ​​trading crypto CFDs, here you can check out our list of brokers that also offer bitcoin CFDs:

Supports MT4 and MT5 TIO UK offers a classic trading solution - MetaTrader5, which has been developed by Meta Quotes as a replacement for MetaTrader4 - probably the most popular trading platform in history.

TIO SHIELD It is a broker's own system where for a monthly subscription they allow you to undo trades that go wrong, it is a great tool since not every time the market favors us.

Welcome bonus Depositing into the account and acquiring the native token from TIO Markets We receive the additional 30%. All earnings from this bonus are withdrawable.

Deposit and withdrawal methods To deposit and / or withdraw from your account you can use either FIAT credit cards, skril, Neteller or using cryptocurrencies, ETH (ETHEREUM), BITCOIN (BTC), TIOx , USDt (TETHER).

MetaTrader4 plataforma de trading
Vista de cuenta real MT4 trading forex
plataformas de trading forex opciones forex y futuros con MT4 MT5

Complete registration

New users need to sign up and verify their accounts by uploading proof of address and ID.

Purchase TIOx

New users need to fund their account by clicking DEPOSIT. Once funded, hit the PURCHASE TIOx button in your secure portal.

That’s it!

As soon as over 500 USD equivalent of your TIOx enter your Signature account (this is the name of the TIOx account), our teams will be notified to give you up to 30% extra trading credit.


Over 120 instruments to trade with!

Don't know how to trade FOREX?

Do not worry once you have created your account you will receive as a gift from Easycryptos unlimited access to classes, courses and signals totally free !, this in order that everyone can take out take advantage of financial markets. Once registered and active at TIO Markets Email us to [email protected] Remember to put in the subject I want to enter the group of signals and in the message you must put the email address used for registration in TIO Markets.

Do you have a signal channel or FOREX academy?

If you have an academy where you teach FOREX, or a signal channel for FOREX or a work team, TIO Markets offers them a commercial agreement with which you can monetize your academy or channel or group of signals.

To do it, the process is the same you must create your account at TIO Markets and register, send us an email to [email protected] and in the message add the following:

Contact details: Full name, phone number and WhatsApp.

Description of the academy and / or channel: What is the age of the group / academy / channel? How many members does it currently have?

Average effectiveness: How effective are your signals?

Other hardships: If you consider that there is something else we should know, tell us!



TIO UK is an FCA regulated broker and that makes trading with them completely safe. Furthermore, they offer attractive spreads and a fairly comprehensive list of trading instruments. However, as we have noted, we do not know what your minimum deposit requirement is and we are not sure what payment methods they accept. In any case, our overall broker evaluation is good.

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