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Before continuing make sure you read the terms and conditions that govern the BOSSTRADER campaign.


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General terms and conditions for the BOSSTRADER financing campaign

Effective: January 7 2020 - februrary 29 2020, or until the available licenses run out; whichever comes first.

For this campaign, only the licenses for the bosstrader will be issued as follows:

Contribution in USD Benefits
Time license Available licences Renewal Re-Seller Plan % discount
150 - 200 12 months 100 Licences Monthly after expiration 20%
201 - 300 36 months 40 Licences Monthly after expiration 25%
301 - 400 48 months 40 Licences Monthly after expiration 30%
401 - 500 60 months 30 Licences Monthly after expiration 35%
501 - 649 72 months 40 Licences Monthly after expiration 40%
>=650 Life time 50 Licences Never 40%

Additionally we will have two teams to carry out the promotion: Leaders and referrals.

Those who aspire to be leaders must meet the following requirements:


For this campaign, there will be only 10 leaders who will have the function of promoting with their teams working the bosstrader license reservation.

Leaders will be able to reserve a license for more than 12 months, and the 12 months free they get for being a leader are added. * Does not apply for life licenses, in case a leader reserves a life license he loses 12 months free.

Benefits: Leaders will receive a free 12-month license at the end of final bosstrader production (July 10 2020). They will also receive a 10% commission on the total invoiced during the term of the campaign.

From the delivery they will have the following additional benefits:


All participants attracted to leaders are referred to as “referred”, who may reserve a license for the term established in the campaign.

Licenses will be issued according to what is established until the 300th license is reached, with the reservation of the 300th license the campaign will be terminated and therefore no more licenses will be issued. Once the financing campaign is over, the cost of the licenses will be $ 90 per month without exception.

Benefits :

Referrals will receive the license acquired on the stipulated date, and from the delivery they will have the following benefits:

Additionally referrals:


The campaign has the following conditions:


Special cases will be referred to the eventualities of collection where a single investor appears with the intention of providing the total necessary resources, for these cases the conditions are as follows:

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