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You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.

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Little investment

Start with as little as 0.00625 ETH and following our strategy see how the balance in your wallet grows. Together we can do it.


We have developed a strategy that will make anyone who joins our team profit from this system.

Automatic payments

Payments are made directly to your ethereum wallet, for this reason the system is armored against scams.

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a computer program that facilitates, secures, enforces and executes agreements registered between two or more parties (for example people or organizations). As such they would assist them in negotiating and defining of such agreements that will cause certain actions to happen as a result of a series of specific conditions being met without human intervention. Read more on wikipedia

Argos is a great contract since it has the following characteristics: First: Contracts do not have an expiration date like others, Second: The investment is very low, you start with as little as 0.00625 ETH. Third: Earnings in ETH will be valued with the rise in the price of the asset. Fourth: It is an armored system against scams due to its very decentralized nature.

How to start?

Initially we must create an account at Trust Wallet from here or go to the button below, this to have the portfolio where we will receive smart contract payments, in this ETHEREUM portfolio we must deposit 0.012 ETH (for the commission).
If for some reason your phone does not support the wallet Trust Wallet , we can guide you to create a wallet at Meta mask .

The next thing is to register on the platform, for which you must ask us for the registration link. Once you have the registration link and when creating the account you must make sure to put the data Mail , ETH address (it should automatically exit if you are using TrustWallet) , < b> Password for your account (Remember to put a strong password that you can easily remember), it is very important that the email is valid in case you need to recover the password at some point. .

Ganancias a Payeer


It is the only network contract with no expiration date, that is, once registered we have a lifetime to develop this business thus managing to capitalize safely with ETH.

The initial amount of investment is extremely low: only with 0.00625 ETH plus commission of members can you be part of this project and build HERITABLE capital, so you have time and money to enjoy with your loved ones.

If you have any questions, I leave you this video where you can understand the power of this system and the incredible earnings that you will receive directly in your wallet.


How does ARGOS work?

The operation is very simple, it is a forced matrix of 3 with which we advance as we receive the payments in our wallet, There is no human intervention and the code is 100% open. The nature of smart contracts is totally decentralized, which guarantees that we will not be scammed.

Below you can see the table of earnings you can receive once you make the decision to start. If you want to download the PDF with the complete presentation you can do it from here below: Download Presentation!

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